We pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction and will take as much care with your personal / household effects as if you had done the job yourself. No job is too small or too big, we have moved people's household possessions throughout the world;.

  • Household removals to Nigeria
  • Household removals to South Africa
  • Household removals to Zimbabwe
  • Household removals to Australia
  • Household removals to Zambia
  • Household removals to USA, India & Spain

Most removal companies no longer accept certain shipments of overseas removals or personal effects because of the various complications and special skills required, we do it in a unique way and save you precious time and money.

Before we get involved, we would prefer that you pack all items until you think that they are fine & then add some seek our advice when packing any fragile or unusual items, remember to always add extra protection to any corners or protrusions!

For small consignments, we will load your goods into a shared container as a part load, and then ship via our group service. You will only pay for the exact space and volume used. For larger shipments we would recommend having exclusive use of your own container. Whatever motivates your move abroad, be it a working visa to New Zealand, studying overseas in America or moving to South Africa on business, your goods will be loaded directly from your residence into the container and then shipped on the next available vessel to your chosen destination.

If you are moving abroad you should be talking to us, call us on 01252 333 408

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